Current Series

Special Messages

Here we categorize one time messages that were given in between two book series, from guest speakers, holiday messages and more. 


Spirit Inspired Poetry... Take a look at the Gospel through vulnerable, praise focused, and poetic writing. 

Song of Solomon

This is the most misunderstood and avoided book of God's Word in Christian churches. Yet, everyone in the Church can learn from it powerful lessons concerning singleness, purity, marriage, intimacy, and more. Above that, the book pictures for us the beauty of Christ's love for His Bride, the Church. 


The book is all about Christ! The church is built on Him, but also the whole world was created and is sustained by Him. The hope of every Christian is Christ in them, and this book displays the power and person of Christ the Lord Jesus who is God and became man. 

Spirit-Filled Church (Acts)

In this book we take a look at the Early Church which was full of the power of God's Word and the power of the Holy Spirit. The book is long, however, it is an essential study for anyone serious about growing in their faith. 

Practical Prophecy: 1st and 2nd Thessalonians

Join us for our verse by verse study of these powerful books full of prophecy. Our focus will be on growing in Christ with His soon return approaching. We know you will be encouraged, challenged, and blessed by studying God's word with an open heart. 


The book of Daniel is one of the most important within all of Scripture. It sets out the timeline of prophesy concerning the world and the Lords Return. It teaches that hope in human governments or kingdoms is pointless because they always devolve into idolatry. It teaches that God's people can count on His Faithfulness in troublesome times. It is one you won't want to miss. 

Church Media

Here we will categorize all of our extra videos! We are looking to have videos of our fellowship gatherings, edifying interviews, and whatever else the Lords leads us to create. 


Romans! Paul's letter to the Romans covers the major themes of: The Gospel, Grace, The Messiah, Sanctification, The Righteousness of God, the Spirit contrasted with the Flesh, God's relationship with Jews and Gentiles, and Faith, God's Wrath, and Glorification. This book will change your life!


In these messages we look at the power of God to bring us from bitterness to hope, and into rest through redemption. This small book is full of amazing insight on the way God works in grace and mercy. We hope you'll enjoy the sermons that focus on Jesus. 

The Seven Churches of Revelation

Theses special messages by Pastor Ruben will stir your heart, get you thinking, and focus you on Christ. We hope you'll learn and grow from them in your walk with Jesus. 


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