Women's Retreat 2022

Our Women's Retreat this year is May 20-22! The theme is "Worthy".
Self-love and self-pleasing ideologies dominate our culture. Naturally people, especially women, move to the extremes on these issues. In one camp, you’ll find women who feel unworthy of love, God’s goodness, friendship, or a healthy lifestyle. In another camp, there are women who believe they are worthy of a perfect life without any issues, discomfort, or compromise and feel they are worthy of all the attention and love the world can give them. The first group may include ladies who struggle to feel worthy of having friends, or don't feel worthy of any love from her spouse. These ladies may be afraid of failure and feel unworthy of her God-given talents and opportunities they face. The other group may include those who cut off any friends that aren't worthy of them or hold out for the perfect man to check all of her unattainable boxes and ultimately doesn't exist. These ladies may deal with anger and resentment when they're not considered or recognized as God's "gift" to the world.
Both of these groups deal with pride at the root of these issues.
Self-concern, self-consciousness, self-focus, self-love, selfishness, and self-occupation are all displays of pride.
Balance is found in securing our self-perspectives and identity in Christ. The Greek word for worthy is axios. Though there are different forms of the word, it refers to the value of something or someone. Our focus for the retreat is simple - we will look at how axios in its different forms describes Christ, us out of Christ, us in Christ, and us in action unto Christ. Learning and understanding all of this will give us a Biblical identity, one that is found in Christ that is both humble and confident. We desire to be surrendered to the Lord and able to step out in faith. Instead of loving 'self', we love the Lord as we submit ourselves to Him.
We hope this excites you for the weekend to come.
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The schedule for the weekend is as follows. Please note that if you're expected to prepare Friday's dinner, it's important you arrive with enough time to do so.

3:00 - arrival
4:30 - dinner prep
5:30 - dinner
7:00 - session 1
7:00 - breakfast prep
8:00 - breakfast
9:30 - session 2
11:00 - lunch prep
12:00 - lunch
1:30 - session 3
3:00 - free time
5:30 - dinner out
8:00 - worship & testimonies
7:00 - breakfast prep
8:00 - breakfast
9:00 - devotional
11:00 - departure

Some practical notes for the retreat:
- The retreat will be held at Eagles' Rest at 23175 Strauch Dr, Twain Harte, CA 95383.
- Bed linens are provided, towels are not. Please bring your own.
- Weather should be in the 70s for the weekend, so plan accordingly.
- Be sure to bring your Bible and a notebook (if you're a note-taker).
- Parking is decent, but still limited. Carpooling is encouraged.
- You will be sharing a room with at least one other person and each of the 4 bathrooms is shared by about 6 ladies. Shower time and personal space is limited.
- We will be enjoying dinner on Saturday at a local restaurant in Twain Harte. This meal is covered, however, there will be some free time beforehand to do local activities or visit some local shops.
- For Saturday's dinner, please bring a nice outfit for our evening out. It doesn't have to be anything too fancy, maybe a casual dress or a nice blouse.
- All other meals will be made and prepared by us. This limits some of the time we have for sessions from years past. On the other hand, while each meal is being prepared and cleaned up, there's free time for everyone who's not scheduled at that time. Bring any board games, card games, hobbies, etc. to do during those times. Of course there's always the option to chat and hang out, or go for a walk.
- Lastly, be sure to be in prayer to prepare your heart for what God wants to teach you. Pray for the other ladies attending and for those who are leading the retreat as well.

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